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We create a modern online stores that displays well on all devices. Administration of eshop is very simple and can be done by everybody. We will arrange for you a complete hosting and maintenance of the shop.

Responsive design

Number of eshops visits originating from mobile devices is constantly increasing. Our eshops automatically adapt to the various devices of visitors - smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Responsive devices
Why Eqiware?

Why eshop from Eqiware?

  • our eshops displays well on all devices
  • shop administration is very simple and intuitive
  • free automatic updates of eshop administration
  • we will arrange for you a complete hosting and management of shop
  • fast support - if you need to adjust something, do not understand something or something does not work, we will solve everything quickly to your satisfaction

Software as a service

We offer our eshops over SaaS system - Software as a service. We will arrange for you domain name registration, hosting of eshop on a powerful server, hosting of your emails, server management and upgrades, SSL certificates, hourly data backups and monitoring of shop availability. The core of the system and administration of all our eshops is automatically updated, making it very easy to fix bugs and add new features.

Servers SaaS

How much eshop cost?

All eshops are tailored to your requirements. The approximate price of a standard shop is from 1 100 € to 2 200 €. Operation of the shop and server management is individual, usually around 40 € per month.


Do you need a new eshop? We will gladly introduce our shop system to you personally. Or we can send you access to a demo version of the system.

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