Eqiware CRM system

CRM system

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software invented for company management. This program helps the company to get rid of the paperwork, simplifies the communication and thanks to the expanding possibilities of working with data becomes a sort of "central brain" of your company containing all the data and information.

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Why CRM from Eqiware?

  • simple and intuitive environment
  • 100% tailored to your business
  • online and always up to date, there is no need to install anything
  • fast support - if you need to adjust something, do not understand something or something does not work, we will solve everything quickly to your satisfaction
Why Eqiware?
Servers SaaS

Software as a service

We offer our CRM system over SaaS system - Software as a service. You pay license per user + service and work on your CRM. We will arrange everything else - hosting of CRM on a powerful server, server management and upgrades, hourly data backups and monitoring of application availability.

How much CRM cost?

CRM is paid in the form of a license per user, the standard price is 40 € per user per month (at least 200 € per month per company). We offer discounted licenses for larger companies. One-time modifications of the system according to the requirements of clients and premium support are not included in the price of licenses.


Our clients

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Our CRM is used by users from 10 countries in 6 languages.


Are you interested in our CRM? We will gladly introduce our CRM system to your company personally. Or we can send you access to a demo version of the system.

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